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Our Rates and Services

Collected and Home Delivery

Our prices are adjusted to the competitive computing market, providing an effective and fast response to all our customers, providing total satisfaction to those who have used our services, those who choose to repeat the experience and also recommend us to their environment. Our collection service and home delivery will provide the comfort and tranquility you need, ensuring a fast and effective professional answer to your problems.

Displacement rates:

Transportation and collection: 10€ up to 30 kms, 25€ up to 40 kms, and 60€ up to 100 kms.

Longer Distances : please ask for a quote.

On-site service: 40€ per hour and 25€ for each 1/2 hour

Repairs in our wokkshop: 35€ per hour and 20€ for 1/2 hour.

FREE delivery.


Equipment Repair & System


Regardless of time spent on the restoration of the Operating System, the rate for thsi job is fixed, being that of 45 €, including support for PC drivers and drivers for all peripherals, whether are desktops or laptops computers.

At that rate we include all the free basic software needed for office enviroment, entertainment and communication, Trial software such as Microsoft Office package, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, One Note, etc. or a Free version of Open Office from Sun Microsystems fully compatible with Micosoft Office Files, Burning software for optical media, CD, DVD and photo editing software or graphic design.

Data recovery included in the price for this service package includes up to 15 Gigabytes of information.

If the backup exceeds this size, you might be charged for an extra 5 € for every 20 gigabytes.

Budgets are free. Advice for new projects is for free as well.

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